• "One 4 Haul
    a New Class of Portable and
    Multi-Purpose Eco Structure
    and Wash Bay"

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One Truck, One Person, One Hour

The One4Haul Portable Multi-Purpose Eco Structure and Wash Bay is an innovation unlike anything you have seen before. Whether you are doing mechanical repairs, welding, pipe cleaning or vehicle maintenance, the One4Haul Multi-Purpose Eco Structure and Wash Bay offers a versatile solution.

This unit operates without hydraulics. It can be set up manually on your remote site or it can be equipped with optional electric slideouts. The One4Haul Portable Eco Structure is the world’s first non-permanent building that can be equippped with an overhead crane, a four post hoist or a custom wash system. It is so easy to set up or take down or move. All it takes is One Truck, One Person, One Hour. Offering a unique and robust design, the One4Haul Eco Structure allows you to complete repairs, maintenance and wash your equipment right on site.


Born from close study of the needs of potential Oil and Gas Industry clients, the One4Haul Eco Structure helps businesses operate more efficiently and thrive in harsh conditions while protecting the environment and preventing cross contamination between sites.

The One4Haul Eco Structure was originally conceived for the challenging conditions of the Oil and Gas Industry – extreme weather conditions, accessibility, employee retention, remote work sites, environmental concerns and much more. However, because of the top notch design of the One4Haul Portable Eco Structure it offers numerous advantages to many other industries. Commercial Construction, Road Construction, Excavation, Forestry, Nascar, Healthcare, Mobile Training or Office Units can all benefit from the portability and design of the One4Haul Eco Structure.


Patrick Veer
Vice President of Sales

Office: 403-257-8492 or Mobile: 403-617-5569

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